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Why Kona and Hilo are the best Big Island Hawaiian Destinations

July 17, 2014

The Big Island of Hawaii, the youngest of the Hawaiian archipelago, is larger than all the other islands combined—and it’s still growing. Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, continually spews lava into the Pacific, adding to the volcanic shoreline and the rich natural splendor of Hawaii.

The diversity of the Big Island’s climate regions includes everything from tropical forests and black sand beaches to volcanic deserts and snowcapped peaks. Visitors can experience the beauty of the island with a helicopter tour, scenic horseback ride, bike excursion or a just a casual hike through the wild growth.

Out of the many different locations to stay at on the Big Island, our two favorites are Hilo and Kona (Kailua-Kona).

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Aloha sign with palm trees on Big Island Hawaii

The beautiful area known as Kona stretches down the Big Island’s coast for about 60 miles. Along this lava-lined coast visitors will find everything from historic coffee farms to breathtaking landmarks. Hawaii’s King Kamehameha spent his final years in Kona, which is a booming gathering place today, just 15 minutes from Kona International Airport. The crystal-clear waters in South Kona are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Guests can even spot dolphins and sea turtles (known as honu). Kona is also known for deep sea fishing, and holds the annual International Billfish Tournament every August.



Hilo is located on the Eastern shore of the Big Island. The Hilo region boasts fertile land, lush rain forests with brilliant waterfalls, and an exciting volcanic coastline. Once a community built on farming and fishing, Hilo later evolved into a commercial center for the sugar industry. Hilo was nearly destroyed in 1946 and 1960 by massive tsunamis, but has since been rebuilt and now the lush landscapes are thriving. The Northeastern side of the Big Island is wetter than most places, bringing out natural wonders unavailable anywhere else such as the Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots in Wailuku River State Park.

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The VacationRoost Team

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