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Why Leave Reviews

March 11, 2014
Hitch Hiking in Poland

Hitch Hiking in Poland

Do me a favor, and think back to the last time you tried a new product without first reading the reviews online. For me, I almost never buy anything before at least seeing what the reviews are like on Amazon. Leaving references and reviews are a huge influence on what we purchase, as well as what we do. Whenever I am getting ready to go to a new location, I Google things to do there. If I read that something is “not worth the trip” or “overpriced”, I am thankful that I saved myself that time or money, sometimes both. Leaving HONEST references are even more important.

In July 2012, I took a month long backpacking tour of Europe. One of the stops I was taking was in Rome, to meet up with some friends who were on the summer voyage of Semester at Sea.  After staying one night at a hostel, a friend and I decided to couch-surf, because we were frankly running out of money and generally prefer couch-surfing. I jumped on the emergency couch section and found a place to stay with someone who had a lot of positive references. We went to his and spent the night, and had a less than positive experience. I won’t go into details, but we got out of there as soon as possible the next morning. I left him a negative reference. After dealing with him attempting to harass me into changing it to positive and threatening to harm me, I reported him and he was banned from contacting me again. Shortly after, I received three messages from different people saying they were glad I left a negative reference and that they had similar issues. Um, what? I was very annoyed, because if THEY had said something negative, it would have spared me from having a negative experience. I was less than pleased.

I recently took a nanny job in Poland. I contacted the two previous nannies for references, and they both said they enjoyed it. Very shortly after arriving in Poland, I hated it. The family took advantage of my time, paid less than they said, and gave me more hours than agreed. I messaged one of their previous nannies again, and she told me she had hated it as well but didn’t want to be overreacting. If she had told me it was a negative experience and told me some of the things that went on, (they had done the same things to her) I would have been able to save myself a lot of money and frustrations.

If you have booked with VacationRoost in the past we would appreciate you taking the time to review the service you received through one of our Destination Experts or through our website. Click here to review VacationRoost.

VacationRoost Ambassador Nikole

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