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5 of the Most “Christmassy” Places in the United States

December 24, 2012

There really isn’t a bad place to go for Christmas. Every town seems to have their own unique way of celebrating. Whether its town pageants, parades, or visits from Santa Claus, everywhere you go you can find various traditions and new, fun ways to celebrate the holidays. However, there are some towns that really go above and beyond the normal Christmas celebrations. Here is a list of 5 of the most “Christmassy” places in the United States:


Santa Claus, Indiana. Well this one is a no brainer. With the town being named after the jolly man who visits us once a year with treats and toys for all, it is impossible for this town not to be overwhelmed with all things Christmas. The town has lived up to the Christmas spirit one would expect and has been dubbed “America’s Christmas Hometown.”

McAdenville, North Carolina. This tiny town may be small, but its Christmas spirit is anything but. McAdenville, which is also known as Christmas Town USA, celebrates the holidays by transforming into the largest holiday light display in the United States. The town also celebrates with over 375 decorated trees and 200 wreaths throughout the town, as well as a life-size Nativity display. Hundreds of thousands of visitors make the trek every year to witness the Christmas spirit of this tiny town.

New York City, New York. From the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to the holiday performances by the Radio City Rockettes, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in New York City. The city is also known for its incredible window displays and the Christmas lights and decorations that seem to cover the city from head to toe.


Stan Honda/ AFP/ Getty Images

Branson, Missouri. Branson may be known for its entertainment, but during Christmas this town becomes even more alive than usual. The city is most well known for its Festival of Lights. Drawing in about a million and a half visitors every year, this six week festival features amazing parades, bands, musicals, fountain displays, and a unique Christmas cattle drive.

Woodstock, Vermont. If you picture a 19th century Christmas with a horse and buggy trekking through the snow, then you also just happen to be picturing modern-day Christmas in Woodstock. This town is well known for its Wassail Weekend celebration that features Nordic-inspired culture and traditions with a strong emphasis on Christmas spirit.

Really no matter where you go, it is hard not to feel and witness the wonderful character of Christmas. However, if you are looking for a unique experience, take a vacation from your normal traditions and try celebrating the holidays in one of these Christmassy towns.

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays,

The VacationRoost Team

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