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Mud Season Tricks of the Trade

April 4, 2012

Mountain town locals are ever familiar with the term mud season – snow melts, ground starts to thaw, and rain alternates between sleet, hail or snow at any given moment. The big decision of the day is whether or not to put on a pair of snow boots or rain boots when heading outside knowing full well that with either option you can expect caked mud on the bottom of your shoes and mud spots up the legs of your pants.

Due to weather, outdoor enthusiasts don’t really know what to do with themselves during this season interlude. Ski lifts are closing if not already closed; hiking trails are less than ideal, and everything is quite brown. So what do mountain town locals do during the mud season? Travel.

Long weekends, a couple weeks, or even months – the average mountain town local takes off when the ground can no longer be used to his or her recreationalist benefit. Best option for travel during the months of April and May is south.

South can mean the deserts of Moab for Utahans and Mesa Verde for Coloradoans, but for those looking to go all the way Mexico is in its prime weather season. Guarantee no mud, because the rainy season tends to hit closer to fall. Come June, temperatures rise and humidity is sweltering so April and May are ideal for travel to Mexico.

Endless ocean views is a great alternative to the seemingly endless amount of mud when the snow starts to melt and the rain starts to fall.

Another plus to traveling to Mexico in May are the rates. After Easter, the spring break hoopla dies down and prices can drop between 20 – 50 % off. You can also skip out on the spring break craze completely by visiting cities less traditional for the spring breaker like Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and San Miguel; all tourist friendly.

So if you are new to the term mud season you might want to adopt it and take a cue from mountain town locals: head south.

Safe Travels,

VacationRoost Traveler

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