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The Masses Fight Back: Free Bag Checking for All!

February 8, 2012

Remember the days when you didn’t have to pay to check bags on airplanes? Those were the days, right?

Well today the added fees of air travel are drastically changing how people choose to get from point A to point B. This might mean choosing an airport that is farther away than the closest option in an effort to fly on airlines that don’t charge for checked bags (cough, Southwest and Jetblue, cough). Some people are using vacuum pack bags to fill up their carry-on bags, while entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the need to cram a lot in little spaces by designing clothes specifically meant for travel. Ever thought of designing a trench coat that can fit all your travel essentials including an iPad into the pockets? Because such things exists. With prices rising people are turning to whatever they can to avoid the extra fees including turning to legislator.

To learn more check out the recent New York Times article on avoiding baggage fees HERE!

Safe Travels,

VacationRoost Traveler

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