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Aloha Kakou (Hi Everyone)!

January 11, 2012

We are half way through the high season of surfing on O’ahu (the gathering place) and specifically the ultimate surfing Mecca: the North Shore. Professional surfers come from all over the world to compete in what is considered universally as the “ironman” of all surfing. Starting in late November and going through March, surfers seek to ride the North Shore’s biggest wave. Imagine riding a 25ft, 40ft and 50ft wave at speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour. It’s exhilarating, fun….to watch AND a great activity while you enjoy the majesty of this island…AND IT’S FREE!!!

Over 2 million people a year come to the North Shore to watch the thousands of surfers who ride these gravity defying waves. It’s a fun outing because it comes cheap, but the North Shore is a great destination itself with vacation rentals, shopping and restaurants popping up here and there with that authentic local feel.

About an hour drive from O’ahu’s famous Waikiki, the North Shore is ideal for renting a condo to get that home away from home feel while on vacation. It is not as built up as some of its counter parts, but still offers that quintessential beach experience. Waimea Bay, Ehukai (Banzai Pipeline), and Sunset Beach are the most famous beaches. Seven miles of beach is a lot of real estate for the purpose of surfing and hanging out on the beach, but that’s one of the best things about Oahu’s northern coastal region. So next time you think of Hawaii for a winter-time getaway remember to check out those crazy waves and the equally as crazy people who come to ride them every year at O’ahu’s North Shore. You will be not be disappointed!

– John “Keoni” Coelho, Destination Expert

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