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Six Tips: How to Enjoy America’s TRUE Paradise “The Hawaiian Islands” Right Here on Earth

November 22, 2011

1) Just Hang Loose:  From the time the airplane touches down on the Hawaiian runway, Slow Down, Relax, Sip a cool delicious tropical drink (my personal favorite being the Mai Tai) and get rid of the everyday tension we are unfortunately accustomed to in the Mainland.

2) Smile: You will be boosted with happiness, and find the local people smiling back making your interactions open, relaxed (there’s that word again) and filled with lots of fun and possibilities.

3) Relax, Swim and Enjoy the Beaches: Hawaii has stunningly beautiful beaches. Sit, lookout at beautiful sand stretching from the shore to the ocean. Admire the ocean’s shades of azure blue. Listen to the waves lapping on to the shore, while the palm fronds rustle in the breeze. There’s nothing more relaxing (ah, once again that word appears).

4) Take time to learn about the wonderful Hawaiian Culture and the Beautiful Hawaiian People: If you look closely at the Hawaiian people you can see and feel the incredible ethnic diversity.  Walk down any street in Hawaii and be welcomed with friendliness, respect, love, and with the “Aloha Spirit.” Aloha is what makes Hawaii so unique and you will find the “Aloha Spirit” everywhere you go. No other destination in the world has or offers the TRUE Spirit of Aloha.

5) Get out and SEE Hawaii and all the Beauty the Islands have to offer: Go beyond the typical tourist experience, whether it’s a volcano tour to see active lava flow, or a trek along the coastline, there’s something fun and unique about each Island.  Explore the islands and experience local culture and history with an insider’s perspective from a true native tour guide.

6) Enjoy all the Hawaiian Cuisine: Restaurants in Hawaii serve a local cuisine based on seafood taken from the southern waters, and tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, and mango.  A Hawaii plate lunch is a must with a hearty sampling of home style Island cooking. It is also one of Hawaii’s real bargains: a filling, hot meal for $5 to $8.

The Hawaiian Islands America’s TRUE Paradise, right here on Earth offers something no other place on the planet can, the Hawaiian people, their culture and history. Discover the Hawaiian Islands Today!!!

– Bob Froio, Destination Expert

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