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Cold Beer and Fresh Oysters

April 20, 2011

Beach Bums

Snow, Snow, Snow… some years it just seems to keep coming and coming. I had to break out my mailbox-on-a-stick this year since the mailman hasn’t delivered in two weeks. As all you ski junkies have been going on day after day how wonderful this is, I’ve been thinking about flip-flops, sundresses and the possibility I will again, one day, have tan lines. Don’t get me wrong, I love a powder day and the serenity that brings, but this Florida girl believes there is a point in April your body, mind and spirit need to be warm again.

So, right now I am in Destin, Florida, sitting on my ocean front balcony, watching my husband and child play in the pool as a school of majestic dolphin swim by – ahhh – the life. I am so sunburned I think I may have done some serious damage to my legs and my right arm. Yet, holding my 21 month old with 50 SPF slathered all over his little body, has prevented any sun from hitting my stomach and left side. I cannot believe back in the day we would lie on tinfoil and use tubs of Crisco as tanning oil. I’m sure my residency in the Rocky Mountains has prevented some major skin cancer – thank you snow.

No land animals enter my body during beach vacations and my belly has been full of crab cakes, oysters, salmon burgers, and blackened assortment of fish galore. Try Captain Dave’s (been there three times already), blackened snapper to die for on the beach.  Oh yeah, that is the other requirement no land views either. The restaurants at the harbor are nice and you can check out your future sail-around-the-world yacht. Can one tire of cold beer and fresh oysters? Hmm… I think not, seems like a good time to gather my boys and head down.🙂

-Ashley Jackson, Destination Expert

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