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Vacation Roost Is Your Central Reservations Solution

December 22, 2010

Here at Vacation Roost, not only do we have more than 100,000 professionally managed properties, but we have also developed our own white label booking platform that takes the hassles and issues out of booking. This is a platform that will help property owners take their minds off of booking engines and booking processes and allow them to focus on what they do best: creating a great experience for their guests.

When you partner with Vacation Roost to handle your inventory and booking, you get a partner who:
  • Aggregates various inventory
  • Supplies superior technology
  • Operates a world-class call center
  • Provides superior product content
  • Makes the booking process smooth and easy
This in turn gives you much more time to focus on:
  • Operating your company
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Building your brand
  • Operating your website
  • Building a phenomenal experience for your guests
Think of us as your all in one central reservation solution. We have spent a lot of time and energy in developing technology, products and expertise to help you meet your business goals, which is why places like Telluride Resort, Telluride Tourism Board, and Alta have partnered with us for their reservation needs. For more information and to see how we can help, please give us a call at (866) 204-8452 ext. 1244
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  1. Kelle Stanley permalink
    January 3, 2011 5:18 pm

    This all sounds so wonderful…HOWEVER, God forbid, someone should have a reason to have to cancel out on a reservation! My husband made a reservation for one night in Breckenridge, CO for New Year’s Eve for a one-bedroom apartment for $370-ish. Less than 48 hours later, we developed car trouble which would make our trip to the mountains impossible. My husband called to cancel and was told that we would be receiving absolutely no refund! We had the apartment off the rental market for less than 48-hours and were leaving you more than five days to re-rent and yet we were still charged the full $370-ish! This is, to say the lease, not good business! And simply saying that the owner had the call on this, is a cop-out on your part. You are who we were doing business with — but never will again — you should have been pro-active about getting us some of our money back. You have lost a Colorado customer, along with everyone we know! Big mistake! Big! Huge!

    • VacationRoost permalink
      January 7, 2011 9:11 pm

      As I let you know in my earlier email, I sincerely apologize for your disappointment and wish there were more we could do, however refund decisions are the final call of the property owner. I researched your specific booking and found that our Destination Expert contacted the property owner and they were unwilling to refund since the cancellation request was only four days from arrival date during a holiday period. I am always sorry to hear about any negative experience, which is why we as a company use the opt-out insurance program. The trip insurance may have covered you for your situation.

      I would be more than happy to extend a discount to you for the next trip you book with VacationRoost, and keep in mind we have inventory across the continental U.S., Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.

      Please feel free to contact me directly at


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