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Superhuman Skier Nears Goal of Skiing 2 Million Vertical Feet in a Year

November 17, 2010

Have you heard of Greg Hill? If not, don’t worry because neither had we until today. Late discoveries aside, this guy is AMAZING!

Greg Hill is trying to ski two million vertical feet in one year… one year! That’s just plain incredible, and he’s blogging about it as he goes (link above) which is even better because people like you and I can watch him do it. The project that has been dubbed “The Greg Hill 2 Mil” is well underway and he has recently passed the 1.5 million feet mark.

Now if you’re trying to imagine how much skiing that is lets put it like this. Two million vertical feet is equal to climbing Mt. Everest three times a month for an entire year. For us city slickers, that’s equal to taking the stairs to the very top of the empire state building four times a day… every day… for a year!

This beautifully insane undertaking is being sponsored by Backcountry who is supplying him with most of his needs in the money and gear area, but the mental, physical, and emotional needs are all carried by him and his family. Can you imagine the toll it would take on you as a human to complete this task? Superhuman seems like it can’t even begin to cover it.

This enormous quest of Greg’s has taken him from the wild peaks of Canada all the way down to the unnamed peaks of Chile. This is where he spent the southern hemisphere’s winter, with his family in tow, exploring the peaks with no name. This is also where he passed the 1.5 million mark.

To achieve his goal, Greg needs to ski a minimum of 5,500 vertical feet everyday for the next four months. We wish him and his family luck and if you want to follow along the adventure we’ve placed a link to his Vimeo account below.

Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!

Greg Hill on Vimeo

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