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Green Travel Tips: Part 9

November 10, 2010

In this edition of Vacation Roost’s Green Travel Tips, we’ll be talking about dining out, playing in the sun, not playing with the animals, supplying your own snacks, and avoiding airport indigestion. This is our second to last post in the series and then, if we have enough user submissions, we’ll be doing a follow-up post with your tips.

Green Travel Tips: Part 9

1. Say no to take out – This also applies to delivery and most types of room service. You are visiting a new location so why spend your time in your room? Go out and enjoy a local restaurant and stay there. Take out, delivery, and sometimes room service comes to you wrapped in all kinds of disposable containers. These containers are waste and the more you avoid them the better off we all are.

Some people are extra hardcore and bring their own containers to take leftovers home in, and that’s always a viable, low-impact option. Additionally, if you’re taking home leftovers don’t take any more condiments than you will need to enjoy your meal.

2. Befriend the beach – Are you planning on hitting the beach, catching some rays, shooting the curl, swimming with the fishes, or enjoying any other kind of water/beach activity? If so then make sure to apply your suntan lotion at least 20 minutes before touching water or it will all rinse off and float in the water. You can even take it one step further and get sunscreen that is made from all natural, beach- or reef-safe ingredients.

3. Don’t feed the animals – Seriously… don’t do it… don’t. When you feed animals it changes their natural feeding habits and thus changes their natural behavior—not to mention that what you see as a snack, could be poison to the animals. Just look at chocolate and dogs for that example.

4. Smart snacking 30,000 feet up – Instead of relying on the airline to give you an in-flight snack, bring your own. Nuts, dried fruit, etc. can be put in a reusable container and brought on board for your snacking pleasure and you won’t be creating waste from the tiny packets of peanuts and crackers.

5. Terminal waste – Ever notice that most food and beverages in airports come in “to go” containers with disposable plates, cups, and cutlery? Well if you can avoid eating in places that use those types of items then do so. It’s the same thing as number one but easily forgotten because often convenience takes over in these kinds of places.

Wow, we’ve covered 45 total tips so far, and next post will make 50. We hope you’ve been enjoying our Green Travel Tips series, and we hope you’ve been adding your own suggestions to the comments.

Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!

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