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Green Travel Tips: Part 8

November 8, 2010

Hello and welcome to our eighth installment of Green Travel Tips. We’re rapidly approaching the end of our journey and we’re glad you came along with us. A huge thank you to anyone who has left their own tips in the comments, and if we didn’t have them on our list already, then be prepared to see them on our user submission special post.

Green Travel Tips: Part 8

1. Go paper free – Many travel guides, travel books, etc. are available online and can be viewed on your laptop or eReader of choice. This makes it much easier to take multiple guides with you and not waste any paper on printing books.

2. Buy gently used – Do you really need to buy a brand new back pack for your next trip? Check out your local second-hand stores/gently used sporting goods stores first to see if they have what you need. If they do, then you’ve gone a bit more green while saving a bit of green.

3. Sustainable souvenirs – Look for things that are locally produced and not made in China (unless you’re visiting China). Buy them from shops that are locally owned, and not part of some kind of chain. Make sure they’re made from sustainable materials and not from animals that may have been poached or rare/endangered plants. Keep it small, and get something that the region or country you’re in is known for.

4. A new old adage – Take only digital images, leave only foot prints in approved areas using footwear manufactured from sustainable material.

5. Take your grocery bag – If you don’t have any reusable cloth shopping bags then go get some and take them with you. Use them to store dirty laundry in, take them souvenir shopping, take them with you to replace anytime you would use a plastic bag.

Hope you’ve been enjoying our series on Green Travel Tips. Join us for part nine in a little bit.

Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!

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