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Green Travel Tips: Part 7

November 5, 2010

Welcome! It’s good to see you. We’re so happy you could be here for part seven of our Green Travel Tips series. We’ve had a blast coming up with the list that we’re rolling out in ten parts and we hope you’re enjoying reading them.

Instead of a long-winded intro this time, we’re just going to give you what you came for so get ready… set… read!

Green Travel Tips: Part 7

1. Swim with respect – if your destination is known for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, or other underwater beauties, help keep them that way. If you’re snorkeling or scuba diving stay off reefs and don’t grab a little something to take home. Instead, get an underwater camera case and take pictures. In a pinch a ziplock baggie can work, but be very careful that you don’t get a tiny hole and ruin your camera.

2. Stay on the twisted and dirty – When you’re on a hiking or walking trail stay on it. Don’t go playing Louis and Clark and start blazing your own trail off into the wilderness. Stay on the designated trails and remember to pack out what you pack in. Mother Nature doesn’t want the wrapper from your Clif Bar lying in her fields and neither does anyone else.

3. Borrow instead of buy – Gearing up for a big trip? Well before you go and lay down $20-$100 on a brand new travel book check out your local library. Most libraries have fairly recent travel guides you can check out so look there first. Don’t worry if it’s a year or two behind; they didn’t move the Louvre to a new location.

4. Tour with a conscience – If you’re taking a guided tour when at your destination look for tour groups that are environmentally conscious. Look to see if they have an environmental plan on their website. You can also look for tour groups that only allow small groups at a time (small groups = less impact), employ locals only, or gives back to their community in some way.

5. Get ready and set before you go – Have you ever done something for the first time but get the feeling that you’ve done it before? Well that’s called déjà vu and it’s not what this tip is about. This tip is about getting everything ready and loaded before you start the car.

We’ve all gotten into the car just to realize that we left our laptop bag , briefcase, suitcase, etc. back inside. If you’re the forgetful type, make a check list of everything you’re going to need for the next day so you can check it off before you leave. There are tons of great checklist and note apps for smart phones that you can not only make a list with, but set reminders so you don’t forget about your don’t-forget-this list.

Well that’s all we have for this installment. Meet us back here later for part eight. We’ve got some good stuff on that list, and if you have your own tips, please leave them in the comments below so we can add them to our user suggestions for a later post.

Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!

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