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Green Travel Tips: Part 4

October 29, 2010

It’s that time again, time for Vacation Roost’s Green Travel Tips. In part four we’re going to focus on flight. That’s right, even though we’ve already laid out a few nuggets of knowledge about flying green we’ve got more lined up for you. So fasten your seat belts, make sure your seats and tray tables are in the upright position, and get ready to fly green.

Green Travel Tips: Part 4

1. Patronize airlines with agendas – Many airlines are starting to get in line with green ideals as much as they can. For example, Southwest recycles all cabin waste and British Airways have an incredibly strong and ever growing environmental agenda. Airlines such as these are starting to do everything they can to lessen the impact they have on the environment, but they can’t do it without your help.

2. Go electric – Avoid as much waste as possible by using electronic ticketing. Printing at home creates more waste than using the electric systems in place at most airports.

3. Offset your carbon – Before or after your trip you can purchase carbon credits to offset what you put out by flying. The money you spend here goes to help with initiatives that are changing the planet for the better.

4. Don’t fiddle with the buttons – If you don’t need to have the reading light on, don’t. If you don’t need the air on, don’t. Any energy you use on the flight has to be restored in some way and that’s just more waste. If you don’t need to use it, don’t.

5. Dispose your waste properly – Almost every airport has a recycling program in place, so instead of dropping your newspaper or empty soda can in the trash, recycle it. When you arrive in the terminal and are looking for a snack while waiting for your flight take note of where the recycling bins are so you can easily put your waste in the proper place.

Alright, that’s it for part four. If you have any of your own tips, please put them in the comments so we can compile them in to a series of posts inspired by you, our readers.

Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!

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