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Green Travel Tips: Part 3

October 27, 2010

It’s that time again. Time for Vacation Roost’s Green Travel Tips. So far we’ve covered ten simple ways to make your travels a bit more eco-friendly while helping you save some green at the same time (in most cases). This installment of the Green Travel Tips is all about where you stay. Last time we had a wee bit about the temperature of your hotel room, and this time it’s all about everything else.

Green Travel Tips: Part 3

1. Deny cleaning service – Unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t get new towels and sheets everyday. Do you use fresh towel and sheets everyday at home? If you’re like the vast majority of us, the answer is no, so why change that habit? Hang up your towels to dry, and make your own bed. Doing this will save both energy and water.

2. Use the proper bins – If your lodging has recycling bins, use them. Even if they’re in the lobby, take an extra minute on your way out to put your waste into the proper places. It only takes a few extra seconds, but makes a big difference in the long run.

3. Don’t use more than you need – If you don’t use the soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. that the lodging provides then don’t take them when you go. Leave them for the next guest who might use them. Also, don’t get more ice than you actually need from the ice machine. Get enough to satisfy your needs and call it a night.

4. Bring a night-light – Are you one of those people who leave a bathroom light on with the door cracked a bit to keep yourself from running into stuff in an unfamiliar surrounding at night? If so, stop it. Night lights are very inexpensive and utilize very little power. This is a much better option for nocturnal illumination.

5. Vocalize – Did you choose your lodging because of their ecological policies? If so, then let them know that their efforts paid off. Even if you didn’t know about the policies till you got there, if you were impressed, let them know. Knowing it makes a difference to their clientele will encourage the company to continue making strides in making their lodging more green.

How was that? Not too painful I hope. If you have your own Green Travel Tip, please put it in the comments below. If we get enough responses we’ll publish more in the series using your suggestions.

Thanks for reading, and happy traveling!

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