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Green Travel Tips: Part 1

October 21, 2010

Going green (and by extension traveling green). It’s the big thing these days and with good reason too. If we don’t take care of the planet then where are we going to spend our vacations? Where are we going to go mountain biking, kayaking, running, camping, hiking, and skiing?

Here at Vacation Roost not only are we big fans of recycling, but we are also big fans of green travel. To aid in our quest to not only give you the best vacation rentals around, but to make sure the earth is around to enjoy them, we have compiled a huge list of green travel tips.

We hope you will enjoy our five part series of green travel tips, and if you have some of your own you’d like to share PLEASE put them in the comments below. If we get enough tips we will publish a sixth part in the series filled with nothing but your submissions.

Green Travel Tips: Part 1

1. Try use a glass water bottle – Plastic water bottles can not only contain BPA, but the manufacturing process for plastic water bottles creates a lot of pollution and waste. Glass water bottle do tend to become slippery when condensation accumulates so get a silicone sleeve for it or check out these bottles that come with a nonslip grip: Lifefactory Beverage Bottle and Takeya Slim Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve.

2. Use rechargeable batteries – Some hiking trails that are known for their vast beauty are now also being known for their trail of discarded batteries. First off, please don’t litter. It’s disgusting and it ruins the beauty for other people. Secondly, rechargeable batteries will make packing lighter as you need to take fewer batteries with you. Going someplace without outlets? Get a solar charger. Many fold down to incredibly small sizes and are light weight.

3. Don’t fly – Pound for pound planes put out more pollution than the biggest baddest (and even ugliest) SUVs around. Now it’s true that you can’t always avoid flying and unless it’s a road trip, who really wants to spend 95% of their trip in a car? All we’re saying is, if flying can be avoided… avoid it.

4. Don’t rent a car – Keeping with the transportation theme we’re now hitting you in the rental. Not only does passing on the car rental save you some green, but it helps you be a little more green. Rent bikes and see the natural beauty of your destination while getting some exercise instead, or get to know the locals on their public transportation. Again, it’s not always possible to avoid, but if you have to rent a car, keep in mind that most rental agencies now have hybrids for rent.

5. Check out Conservation Vacations – Conservation Vacations are becoming more and more popular these days. Instead of just going somewhere to see the sights you can now volunteer to help keep them beautiful. While there are some “official” conservation vacation groups all you really need to plan your own is look up conservation groups in your destination of choice and set a date to volunteer. See the sights, make some memories, and do some good all in the same trip!

That’s it for part one. Be on the look out for part two coming shortly.

Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!

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