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Go jump off a cliff!

July 27, 2010
So, I did. But more on that in a minute.

Growing up in a yuppie suburb outside of Boston, I never, ever, EVER would have guessed that this is where life would have taken me. I mean, really? City girl? Wilderness? Come on. That’s crazy talk.

But when I found myself living in Salt Lake City 5 years ago, right in the heart of the Wild West, I realized it was time to shake it up. Trade in the stilettos for hiking boots. Well, at least on the weekends anyway.

The longer I have stayed in the mountains, the more I love it. The fresh air, the trees, the wild streams… that’s good stuff, right there.  And just as my love for the great outdoors has grown, so has my palette for newer and even more exciting adventure.

Three days ago, I found myself rafting down the mighty Colorado River. It was a first for me and I offer so much thanks to Wide Open Adventure for the incredible experience! As our courageous guide led us heroically over white water rapids, our crew of rookie sailors put forth a dynamic effort, the likes of which have never been seen before! The air was warm, the water cool, and we laughed and cheered our way through the canyons.

Then we came upon the area designated for cliff jumping. Oh, my. If you’re not familiar with this activity, it’s quite literally the act of jumping off a cliff into the water below. This activity of this was yet another first for me, and one I had always been a little nervous to try.

Let’s be real, here. I’m terrified of heights. And you want me to what? No way, dude.

At the same time… How often do these chances come along?

Not being the type to back down from a challenge, (and not wanting to look like a total wuss) I decided to shut up and just do it. How bad can it be, right? Plus, I can tell all my friends at home how completely bad ass I am after.

So there it is, friends. I climbed the rocks and looked over at the gorgeous river oh-so-far below. After some internal debate, a bad attempt at hiding my nerves, and a countdown from a good friend I finally walked to the edge and…


“This was probably a bad idea, Laurel” thought the sensible side of my brain.

But 30 ft. later I was surrounded by water and happier than I could ever imagine. It was exhilarating.

The rest of our spectacular river trip was filled with content rafters and cliff jumpers alike. The sun lit up the sprawling landscape as we paddled to shore.

Smiles all the way home.

A life-changing experience always seems to be the best way to recharge my batteries. You better believe I’ll be looking for the next adventure, just around the mountain.

Bring it on, nature. Let’s DO this.

Post by: Laurel C.

Meet (some of) our Destination Experts!

Meet (some of) our Destination Experts!

Navigating the rapids

Navigating the rapids

Boats stopping to visit the hot spring

Boats stopping to visit one of the natural hot springs along the river.

Cliff jumping!

Into the air...

We made it!

We made it! (Can we go again?)

Pet Friendly!

Everyone had a great time... even her!

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  1. Tracy Halliday permalink
    August 5, 2010 4:00 pm

    There is a great cliff to jump off in NW Austin-Inxs Lake-The Devils Waterhole.

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