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Owning or Renting Your Dream Vacation Home

October 13, 2009

One of the typical rituals for me when I go on vacation and rent a vacation home in a great location is day-dreaming about someday “owning a place like this.” After the first few days of running around and getting familiar with the surroundings, learning about all of the neat features of the home and neighborhood, I can’t help myself from grabbing all of those real estate magazines at the local coffee shop and starting to leaf through the pages. Then the day-dreaming starts in earnest: Wouldn’t it be great if this could be my place. I’d have all of my family and friends over to it – we’d spend holidays here. We’d be “in the know” locals. We wouldn’t have to pack – our stuff would be right here!

Hmm... what would it cost to buy this place?

Hmm... what would it cost to buy this place?

It certainly is an attractive and recurring fantasy. Now that I’m in the business of vacation homes and vacation rentals, however, my perspective has changed a bit. I now know much more about what goes on behind the scenes to give my family and I that perfect vacation experience. I understand a bit more about the costs and logistics involved. As I look around and enjoy all of the beautiful tropical trees and lush grass at an ocean front beach house in Maui, I also notice the telltale signs of an aggressive fight against beachfront erosion to maintain the property. I see the dozens of small seedlings being planted with custom irrigation systems gently nurturing them. I notice the maintenance people coming and going almost constantly in the neighborhood – salt water, sun and wind are not friendly to a home’s paint job. I see a brand new BBQ grill that has obviously replaced an older unit within the last few weeks. I look across this beautiful grass lawn and wonder how often they have to mow it. As I mentally note all of these maintenance issues that I have simply taken for granted in the past, I breathe a relaxing sigh of relief and think “Aaaaahhhhh… Not My Problem!” I can simply enjoy the benefits of this little slice of paradise and ignore all of those issues.

Who has to water those tiny trees?  Not Me!

Who has to water those tiny trees? Not Me!

This is one of the many benefits of vacation rentals. I can experience the dream home, but without the mental and financial burdens of ownership. No mortgage, no utilities, no association dues, no maintenance, no battle with the elements, no management of an army of carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, contractors and maids and no worrying about local politics and regulations. Just relaxing and enjoying vacation – that sounds like the right equation for me.

At – we only represent the best vacation rental properties that are managed by a full time property management service or have on site management. This insures that our guests can enjoy their vacations – worry free. They are sure to have a well maintained property that is in good shape without any hassles. In the event of an issue with the home – they are still homes after all and things do break once in a while – it is not our guest’s problem. They can go out and enjoy the ocean or the ski slopes, while the onsite manager quickly replaces a microwave oven or brings over a new tank of propane for the grill. We think it is the best of both worlds – the benefits of a private vacation home, with many of the amenities and services of a hotel or resort.

As for me, I still will pick up the real estate magazines once in a while but more out of curiosity than fantasy. I already know that I’m living the fantasy by renting a home in paradise worry free!

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  1. November 12, 2009 12:51 pm

    Sound great.
    I am planning on taking a trip this december, but im not sure where yet.
    Anny suggestions?

    Vacation All Inclusive Resorts

    • VacationRoost permalink
      December 2, 2009 6:34 am

      You are in luck – there are deals a plenty out there for December trips. Want to go skiing? Check out our homes in Whistler which just got 18 feet of snow – no that is NOT a typo – 18 feet in November! We also have great deals in Park City and Vail. Want something warm? How about a beach-front condo in Hawaii or Mexico? Check out all of these destinations at

  2. June 1, 2010 5:27 am

    Great article! Ah, and we’ve been fortunate enough to paint some of these fantastic vacation homes, some just being private residences, using the finest painting products known.

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