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Top 10 – Cayman Islands Vacation Rental Benefits

July 21, 2009

I just got back from a fantastic family vacation to the Cayman Islands. We stayed in a vacation rental– of course – and it reminded me of the many reasons that I love vacation rentals for family vacations.


Top 10 Reasons I like Renting a Vacation Home or Villa for Vacation

1. Privacy and “Our own Space”

We are staying in 3 bedroom condo. It has its own space that we’re quickly taking over: The couch in the living room where 8 of us gathered to watch a movie, the kitchen with a counter top where the boys eat their meals, the screened porch and patio where we read, and store our wet gear. If the kids want to run around naked – which they often do – they can!

Kids at the counter

2. We have a Kitchen

With 3 kids under 4 eating out often results in all cost and no benefit. Instead of $16 hot dogs, $12 ice cream margaritas and tantrums in a restaurant, we stocked the fridge with the kids’ favorites – Tater-tots, yogurts and lunchable snack packs – we’re down to a few bucks per meal and they are happy. With the extra money we save we can hire a sitter and hit a fancy restaurant with just the adults!

3. Less crowded

The condo complex has a huge beach, a great pool and plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas. We have rarely seen more than a dozen people at the pool or on the beach. I took a short walk down the beach to the Ritz and the Westin – great pools and nice beach, but they were far more crowded. They both reminded me of the kind of places where you had to get up early to “stake out your territory” at the pool.

JC_ Caymans25.jpg

4. Free Stuff – Toys!

Every vacation rental has some sort of surprise that makes the vacation special. This time, it was a collection of beach toys. The kids spent hours with them in the sand and in the pool. When do you get these types of surprises at a hotel? I’ve enjoyed the occasional cheese tray or fruit basket in some nice hotels, but that hardly compares with discovering a set of great bikes in the garage or a killer DVD collection along with a great stereo or home theatre setup.


5. Free Stuff – Booze!

This condo has a wine fridge! Better yet, it was stocked with about a half dozen good bottles that were ours to enjoy, free of charge. The owner had set up a “pass it forward” type system encouraging each guest to stock the fridge with similar stock to what they found for the next guest to enjoy. What a great concept!


6. Great Value compared to hotels.

We are staying on 7 Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, right next to the Ritz and the Westin. They are both fine resorts with much to offer. By staying at our condo next door, however, we are spending about 1/3 of what it would cost us at the Ritz and about 2/3 of what it would cost us at the Westin. See the attached cost comparison.

Coral Stone Club Westin Ritz
Accommodations 1 3BR Condo -Ocean Front 3 Rooms – Ocean View 3 Rooms – Ocean View
Price/Night $695 3x $330 – Reduced from $529 3x $499
Weekly Cost – Accommodations $4,865 $6,930 $10,479
Meals 6 x $30/day 6 x $80/day 6 x $100/day
Weekly Cost – Meals $1,260 $2,520 $4,200
Total Vacation Cost $6,125 $9,450 $14,679
Difference + 54% +140%

7. Entertaining

We just had a great BBQ for 12 at our condo. In our family, cooking and sharing a meal is a big deal, it’s about the experience. We like to sample the special foods of the areas we visit. Tonight it was Spicy Jerked Chicken on the Grill and Tortuga Rum Cake for dessert. These are always some of the finest memories of the trip!

8. Washing machine

Did I mention we are traveling with 3 kids?

9. Choosing our perfect Villa

Every vacation rental is unique. On this vacation we are staying at a property with 35 individual condos. We researched them carefully on, and chose not only the property, but the individual unit. We wanted a bottom floor condos and chose one with a perfect ocean view. Each morning, we could open our sliding glass door from our bedroom and walk directly onto the beach. This vacation home was incredibly convenient.

10. Movie Night and Family Time

With a vacation rental – we have family space, even a “family room” where we can all gather to spend quality time together. We’ve used our family room to gather for evening cocktail hours, watch the kids open presents from a favorite grandparent, and of course – end the day with Movie Night and Ice Cream.

–Julian Castelli, VacationRoost CEO

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