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Why Kona and Hilo are the best Big Island Hawaiian Destinations

July 17, 2014

The Big Island of Hawaii, the youngest of the Hawaiian archipelago, is larger than all the other islands combined—and it’s still growing. Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, continually spews lava into the Pacific, adding to the volcanic shoreline and the rich natural splendor of Hawaii.

The diversity of the Big Island’s climate regions includes everything from tropical forests and black sand beaches to volcanic deserts and snowcapped peaks. Visitors can experience the beauty of the island with a helicopter tour, scenic horseback ride, bike excursion or a just a casual hike through the wild growth.

Out of the many different locations to stay at on the Big Island, our two favorites are Hilo and Kona (Kailua-Kona).

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Aloha sign with palm trees on Big Island Hawaii

The beautiful area known as Kona stretches down the Big Island’s coast for about 60 miles. Along this lava-lined coast visitors will find everything from historic coffee farms to breathtaking landmarks. Hawaii’s King Kamehameha spent his final years in Kona, which is a booming gathering place today, just 15 minutes from Kona International Airport. The crystal-clear waters in South Kona are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Guests can even spot dolphins and sea turtles (known as honu). Kona is also known for deep sea fishing, and holds the annual International Billfish Tournament every August.



Hilo is located on the Eastern shore of the Big Island. The Hilo region boasts fertile land, lush rain forests with brilliant waterfalls, and an exciting volcanic coastline. Once a community built on farming and fishing, Hilo later evolved into a commercial center for the sugar industry. Hilo was nearly destroyed in 1946 and 1960 by massive tsunamis, but has since been rebuilt and now the lush landscapes are thriving. The Northeastern side of the Big Island is wetter than most places, bringing out natural wonders unavailable anywhere else such as the Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots in Wailuku River State Park.

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Top Colorado Destinations this Summer

July 16, 2014

When it comes to Colorado, many people think it’s a great destination for the winter season because it has great mountains for skiing and snowboarding. What they don’ t tell you, however, is that Colorado also makes the perfect summer getaway, especially for those of you how are outdoorsy and love mountain excursions.  Colorado seems to have everything like hiking, biking, outdoor adventure parks, zip lining, alpine slides, golfing, whitewater rafting, great shopping, and world-class cuisine. All that PLUS incredible and scenic views of the Rocky Mountains and all their glory. Check out some of the highlights of our favorite destinations below:

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat_Fall Town


  • Known as being “down-to-earth” and very authentic, welcoming both hiking and cowboy boots alike.
  • Located close to the Yampa River, perfect for fly fishing trout.
  • Routt County offers great rock climbing perfect for beginners and intermediates.

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Town of Telluride - Balloon Festival 2

  • Known to have one of the most breathtaking valleys in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Famous for it’s lively events and festivals: Balloon Festival, Bluegrass Festival, Wine Festival, Yoga Festival, Film Festival, etc.
  • Includes several 14,000+ foot peaks, also known as “14ers”.

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  • Commonly known as the mock “European-style” getaway of Colorado.
  • Home to some of Colorado’s best luxurious spas, fine dining, and shopping.
  • Has three rivers to choose from for whitewater rafting and fishing: The Colorado, Eagle or Arkansas Rivers.

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Winter Park


  • Home to the longest alpine slide in the state of Colorado.
  • Offers other unique activities such as s’mores by the fire for adults or the GyroExtreme space trainer.
  • Has over 600 miles of mountain bike and hiking trails.

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Top Bike and Terrain Parks in North America

July 16, 2014

Are you a big mountain biker during the summer and in to tearing up that half pipe during the winter? Mountain bike parks and terrain parks have become bigger than ever lately and are spreading across North America like wildfire. It seems like every winter a new ski resort has a terrain park built or expanded and more trails are added during the summer seasons. This new trend compelled us here at VacationRoost to do a little research of our own and we created Top 5 lists for both Bike Parks and Terrain Parks.


Top 5 Bike Parks:

  • Whistler Bike Park, British Columbia
  • NorthStar Bike Park, Truckee, California
  • Mammoth Bike Park, California
  • Trestle Bike Park, Winter Park, Colorado
  • Keystone Bike Park, Colorado

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Top 5 Terrain Parks:

  • Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Park City, Utah
  • Mammoth, California
  • NorthStar at Lake Tahoe, California
  • Snowmass and Buttermilk at Aspen, Colorado

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Top 10 Best Travel Tips and Hacks

July 9, 2014

Recently at VacationRoost we have become obsessed with a new article from entitled 32 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever. Not only did this article give us some incredible packing tips, but some of the advice was even mind-blowing to employees who have been in the travel industry for over a decade. These “travel hacks” are guaranteed to save you time, energy, and possibly even some money. Below we have highlighted our favorite 10 tips in hopes they will help out our customers one day.

1. Use a private or incognito window when booking flights and hotels online. 


Most popular travel sites with usually track your visits and the raise the price simply because you have visited before.

2. Use a binder clip to protect the head of shaving razors.












This will save you money on purchasing new razor heads, and save anything else the razor attaches itself to.

3. A shower cap is an easy way to cover the bottoms of shoes.


Simply put the shoes inside the cap and viola!, no shoe debris on those white pants.

4. To use Google Maps offline, type “OK Maps,” and the visible area will save for future access.


No WiFi or 4G? No problem.

5. When reserving airline seats for two, reserve the aisle and the window seats.


If no one takes the middle seat you will have the full row to yourself, if someone does you can simply ask them to switch so you can sit next to your partner.

6. If you forgot your wall plug, charge your devices through the USB slot in a TV.


Most hotels have TVs with USB chargers, making it helpful for lost wall chargers or too many chargers and not enough wall sockets.

7. Wait to purchase airline tickets until 3 p.m. on Tuesdays.














This is typically when the big Airlines reduce their fares to compete with discount airlines like Southwest and JetBlue. This is an excellent money saver for anyone on a budget.

8. Prevent messy spills in your luggage with plastic wrap!















Unscrew the lids to shampoos and other liquids and place a patch of saran wrap over the top before screwing the lid back on.

9. Be able to use your GPS while traveling abroad.


If you are out of the country without an international plan, turn your phone to airplane mode and turn off your data to use the GPS without connecting to the internet.

10. Skip the wait at the baggage claim with “fragile” stickers.


Place fragile stickers on your luggage, even if it is not, to ensure gentler handling by airport staff. Also, fragile items are often placed on top of the other luggage meaning it is one of the first to come out at baggage claim.

Check out the rest of the 32 travel tips here.

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Experience Crested Butte This Summer

July 8, 2014


Deep within the Elk Mountain Range of Colorado, the vivacious resort town of Crested Butte is an inviting summer destination that always has something new to discover. Whether you are kayaking the alpine rivers or simply strolling through the shops and boutiques downtown, there’s a variety of activities to experience in this one-of-a-kind mountain destination. The crown jewel of summer attractions is Crested Butte Ski Resort which boasts miles of pristine hiking and mountain biking trails. Foodies will love Crested Butte as it is famous for having more fine-dining restaurants per capita then any other town in the U.S.. Public transportation is great in Crested Butte making it very easy to travel from your vacation rental to Mount Crested Butte for your outdoor activities. .


Summer Events in Crested Butte:

  • July 7-14: Crested Butte Wildflower Festival
  • July 10-14: Crested Butte Food & Wine Festival
  • July 18-19: Epic Relay
  • August 1-3: Crested Butte Arts Festival
  • September 25-28: Crested Butte Film Festival

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Experience Oahu This Winter

July 2, 2014








Oahu is Hawaii’s most populated island, with wonderful city nightlife and an excellent culinary scene in the state capitol, Honolulu. However, this bustling atmosphere does not mean you cannot find your own pocket of tranquility on the island. I love Oahu’s sunny leeward side beaches for snorkeling or sailing, but those seeking lush tropical escapes can find peaceful paradise on the less populated (and high rise-free) windward side.

Those wanting to experience resort living, golf, and plenty of amenities will want to base an Oahu stay on the ‘city side’ along the coast adjacent to Honolulu. This is where you will find the top island resorts, condos, and most vacation communities. Party-goers will want to plant themselves right along the beach at Waikiki, but quieter areas are closer than most people think. A 20 minute drive from the Honolulu airport plants visitors in peaceful oceanfront resorts. As a plus, Honolulu is a short cab ride away for a night out.

Oahu’s North Shore and Windward side (northeast and northwest) feature much less development; here is where you will find smaller vacation homes and less crowded beaches. The sun, however, may be hiding. The windward town of Kailua offers shops, eateries, and plenty of beach equipment rentals, and is a short drive from the North Shore, proudly displaying Hawaii’s surf culture. Seven miles of world-class surfing beaches stretch along the North Shore, offering plenty of entertainment for surfers as well as spectators.

Central Oahu is home to the famous Dole Plantation and the Hawaii Plantation Village, where Hawaii’s past comes alive. To the south, Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor offers a more sobering reminder of history.

-Destination Expert Amy Whitley

Surfboards in Hawaii

Click here  to read more information on our Oahu Winter Travel Guide.

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Hawaiian Trip Planning Guides

June 24, 2014

It’s no secret that one of our hottest summertime destinations is to one (or several) of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Whether you want to stay on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, or even the Big Island, finding the perfect rental for you is a tough decision. Maybe you are traveling with a big group or for a retreat, or perhaps you are looking for complete celebrity treatment and want the best of the best. Check out some of our Hawaii Guides below before booking your trip.

{Top Hawaiian Homes for Groups and Retreats}

  • Enjoy large and spacious homes that sleep 12+ people, sometimes even up to 32 people comfortably.
  • Homes are located on Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.
  • Choose from rentals compacted into one, large home, or separated into several bungalow-style homes.


{Hawaiian Homes Worthy of Celebrity Guests}

  • Homes featured include the famous Obama Winter White House on Oahu.
  • Whether you are looking for something beach side or cliff perched, we have a home for you!
  • These homes can sleep up to 12 guests.


{Top Luxury Homes on Kauai}

  • Choose from homes that are the creme of the crop and come with full amenities.
  • These homes are located all around Kauai, from shore to shore and even in Princeville.
  • These homes all come with stunning ocean and mountain views.



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